Open Docx files, how to?

Microsoft Office 2007 create files in Docx format which is completely different from previous doc format. Ideally you need Office 2007 to open, view and edit docx files. However, there are few workarounds to open and view docx files without latest Office software. We have already seen 5

Access Windows Live Hotmail in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Windows Live has glitzy and glamorous (sometimes slow) interface that can spin head if accessed for long time. If you are hooked to using MS Outlook, then here is a cool way to access Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail in the comfort of MS Outlook. This is possible with Microsoft

MS Office Assistant Clippy now in your control !

You must have seen Microsoft Office Assistant 'Clippy' which pops up now and then. This attention grabbing character asks you few questions in an attempt to help you find your way using MS Office. It is helpful but sometime it can get over your head. It can be very distracting at

5 Ways to Open docx Word Document Files

Docx is file format extension of Word document files (.docx) created using new Microsoft Office Word program from Microsoft. It replaces .doc format of file extension used in older Microsoft Word program. As a result, docx Word document files do not open in older version of MS Office