Use Yahoo Messenger app on Android phone

Are you looking for an easy way for Yahoo Messenger chat on Android powered mobile phone? You can do this using official Yahoo Messenger app for Android. It allows rich user interface and experience while chatting with Yahoo buddies through IM on mobile phone. This app is available for

Connect to Orkut friends on Android phone

Google's social networking website 'Orkut' is now available on Android powered mobile phones with launch of Orkut for Android application. Now you can connect with Orkut friends on the go through scrap notifications, direct photo uploads to orkut albums and a phonebook synced to your orkut

Use alphabet Gestures to search on Android phone

Is searching for specific item like contact or music track on your Android phone taking too much time and effort? Now you can perform this routine quickly without stressing yourself using Google Gesture Search for Android powered devices. It allows you to quickly search and find a contact,

Store & share custom dictionary words on Nokia phone

Do you habit of typing "What" as "wat" while composing text message on mobile phone? Majority of mobile users prefer to use short modified version of long words like wat (what), tc (take care). Default spell checker will mark these word incorrect and offer to correct with usual long