Link Google, Gmail, Yahoo accounts with Facebook account

Do you want to automatically sign into Facebook account when you login into your Gmail, Google or Yahoo Mail account? This can be easily done by linking other online accounts with your existing Facebook account. After linking, as and when you login into any linked account - you also get

Send IM to group, multiple Yahoo Messenger contacts

We often spend bulk time chatting with one buddy in Yahoo Messenger at one given time. There is option to get chatty with multiple IM buddies in one go without too much effort. If you have arranged IM contacts in groups then you can send messages to all IM contacts in a specific

Open multiple web accounts of same website in IE8

Internet Explorer 8 has lot of new features including new session option. This allows you to open multiple web accounts of same website simultaneously. For example you can view 2 or more Gmail, Yahoo mail accounts in the same Internet Explorer 8 interface. Related - Manage multiple