How to create Cue sheet files

Cue sheet or file contents specify layout of music tracks on a CD while burning. Cue file is automatically created while burning music tracks in programs like Nero. You can use cue files to split tracks and make copy of edited tracks by burning on a CD disc. You can manually create a cue

How to create M3U playlist of mp3 songs

M3U is a standard format for music playlist. It is a text file containing location of multiple music files (mp3, wav & more) stored on the computer. M3U playlist format is support by majority of popular music player programs. You can create M3U playlist of favorite songs and then open

Convert Zune Playlist ZPL to M3U, PLS format

Do you want to make Zune playlist to work in Winamp and other audio players? By default, Zune playlist ZPL is not compatible with other players. You need to convert it into M3U or PLS format for playback compatibility. You can easily perform this conversion using free portable tool 'Zune

Find and remove similar duplicate Mp3 music files

Do you have lot of mp3 files hogging hard drive space big time? We tend to dump lot of similar files spread across different folders and drives - downloaded at different times of using computer. Similarity is a small (and free) application that can quickly search and help remove similar /

Watch related videos to ‘now playing’ song in Winamp

Winamp music player users will love this feature - how about playing video related to 'now playing mp3 songs in your Winamp player? MiniTube is a Winamp plugin that brings best of Videos while you listen to favorite songs. This plugins makes winamp a multimedia power house and makes