Add command ‘search box’ to ribbon in MS Office 2010

Ribbon interface was added to Microsoft Office 2007 and was carried forward with Office 2010. Users upgrading from MS Office 2003 to 2007 saw the huge change in user interface as a result of ribbon addition. While it is useful in tabbing different options in more neat manner, few users

Insert live webpages in PowerPoint slideshow

By default, you can add a clickable hyperlink to a webpage / website on slides of your PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Do you want to add and insert actual live webpages on PowerPoint show? You can easily do this using free 'Live Web' PowerPoint addon. It allows you to display live

Insert iStock photos in MS Word, PowerPoint documents

iStockphoto(.com) is a leading stock images website. If you happen to use lot of stock images within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, then makes things very easy and quick using iStock Office plugin. It is a MS Office addon that allows you to search and insert iStock photos from