Download ‘Office for Mac’ 2011 PDF product guides

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 suite is available in 13 languages. Office for Mac versions include: Home & Student Edition, Home & Business Edition and Academic Edition. If you have upgraded Office for Mac 2008 or purchased new Microsoft 'Office for Mac' 2011 - then checkout PDF

Converter to open XML files in old ‘Office for Mac’

Do you want to open XML files created in newer Office for Mac 2008 in older Office for Mac 2004? You can easily do this using "Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.1.6" program from Microsoft. It allows you to convert Open XML files that were created in Office 2008 for Mac or Office

Free upgrade of Office for Mac 2008 to 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 should be available by end of October 2010. Microsoft has already announced Office for Mac 2011 price and version details. User buying Office for Mac 2008 between Aug 1, 2010 and Nov 30, 2010 are eligible for free upgrade to 2011 version as and when it is

Office for Mac 2011 price & versions

Microsoft has announced availability details of newer version of Microsoft Office 2011 suite for MAC users. MS Office 2011 for Mac should be available by end of October 2010. Users buying Office for MAC 2008 from today can also claim free upgrade to Office for MAC 2011. Office 2011 for MAC