How to read Newspapers on iPad

Apple iPad provides a unique and big screen viewing pleasure of photos and videos. It also focuses on ability to read ebooks and newspapers in flip book style reading. You can read best newspapers from top publishers on iPad in few simple hops. Newspaper reading is customized for big

Google Fast Flip: Browse top news & magazine websites

Google Fast Flip is new web service tool to quickly browse news and magazine content online like flip book. It shows screenshot of webpages of news stories from top newspaper and magazine websites. You can click through to see image in enlarged format for quick reading or further click to

Read New York Times on desktop with Times Reader

If you love reading NewYork Times articles and news reports - then Times Reader is for you. You can access content of NewYork Times website on Adobe Air based desktop application. So, why switch from web based NewYork Times to reader based NewYork Times? Well, interface of Times

Google scanning Old Newspapers to get History Online

Google database will inflate with vitange stuff as it gets busy scanning old newspapers. These newspaper are not available online and Google wants to change that by bringing them online. Google is partnering with newspaper publishers