Add Polaroid effect to images online with Rollip

Polaroid effect adds nice focus to images with subtle border. We have already seen number of tools to add Polaroid effect to images real quick like Polaroid-o-nizer and Photo Notes. Rollip is another online tool to quickly add Polaroid effect to uploaded personal photos in few simple

Create & Email Polaroid Style Photo Notes with Ease

Creating a Polaroid Style Photo Note in Photoshop need lot of time and expertise. While there are online tools like Instantizer to create Polaroid Style Photo Notes form your favorite images, Photo Notes does same with an addon feature to email your creations. With Photo Notes,

Add jazzy Polaroid Styled Frame & caption to images

Image fun continues on Techno Life with more Image tools to play around with your images. 'Instantizer' is a free online tool to convert your image into a polaroid styled images in few simple clicks. In more practical terms, output image with have a jazzy white-shadowed border with an