Embed & show auto play Google Presentation slideshow

Now you can embed auto play presentation that jump to next slide after specified interval of time without you having to click. Besides insert and display tables, auto-play embed is a new feature in Google Docs presentations. You can enable time delay, autostart, loop options before the

Insert & display tables in Google Docs Presentations

Now you can show data in more organized form using tables in Presentations created online at Google Docs. New insert table feature allows you to add and format tables as per requirement. To get started, goto menu option Table > Insert Table and then select number of rows & columns

Upload mp3 files & audio to Slideshare presentations

Slideshare has bumped up real good feature of allowing users to upload their own mp3 files and audio to their SlideShare presentation. Previously, one could link audio or mp3 file hosted on 3rd party external website and add it to presentations created on Slideshare. Now you can