Copy webpage text on smartphone using QR code

How do we copy text displayed on webpage opened on computer to a smart phone? Generally we don't copy text and instead manually type the text displayed on computer screen using on-screen keyboard on the smart phone. We can easily get rid of this manual typing routine and copy text directly

Print poster with QR code of Facebook like page

Everyone is creating their own identity on Facebook website. While few users make personal account on Facebook and assign custom Facebook URL that is easy to remember (and share). Other users make Fanpages on Facebook to promote their brand, business, personality and organizations. Many of

Get QR code of URLs is a popular and very basic URL shortening service. Besides the basic URL shortening, it also provide other features like analytics click tracking and qr code generation. By default, qr code is generated for all short URLs. Hence, you can easily get QR code image of any

Generate QR code of Google Maps URL

QR codes are black and white images, with each image pointing to specific website URL. QR codes are used on smartphones to quickly navigate to desired URL. Camera on smartphone can be used to scan QR code image and convert it into respective webpage URL. If you often use Google Maps, you

Get QR mobile code of short URLs short URLs are created using official Google URL shortening service. Besides getting detailed click analysis of shortened URLs, you an also grab respective QR code. Google URL shortening service generate QR code for each short URL which can be used by mobile users for quicker