How to remote logout from Facebook account

You may be accessing and logging into Facebook account from multiple devices. Did you forgot to logout from Facebook account at specific time? Now you will be able to log out of any Facebook session that you may have left active on another computer or device. This is possible using remote

Create Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

Connecting to another system using Windows 7/Windows XP/ Windows NT is now made easy with the Remote Desktop Connection feature in Windows 7. A user can remotely operate a system connected to Windows  7 system provided a LAN connection remains alive among both systems. Here is walk through

Share screen with Skype friends for visual help

Skype 4.1 beta comes loaded with much requested feature of screen sharing. Using this feature, you can see screen of your Skype friend and help him / her big time solving some computer problem or helping out in making a presentation or view some stuff exclusively played for you! With

Shutdown, restart PC remotely with Twitter tweet

There are number of application software that allows you to configure computer system to shutdown, restart or logOff after specific period of time. TweetMyPc does similar but with ability to shutdown, restart or logOff computer remotely by sending a tweet on Twitter account. Here is simple