Free Driver Backup, save & restore software

We have already seen 3 tools to Backup and Restore Drivers on the computer. Double Driver is free and very easy application to manage drivers on the computer. Using this free tool: you can backup, save and restore all drivers installed on the computer. It also show complete drivers

Backup web browser settings & restore via Favbackup

Web browser setting is a personal thing for any computer user. Incase you are reinstalling the operating system, there is no need to lose on your web browser settings. You can backup any damn setting of your web browser using Favbackup application. After the reinstall, you can restore all

Download Windows Live Writer backup, restore utility

Many Bloggers use Windows Live Writer to write and manage their blogposts. Windows Live Writer backup utility (WLWBackup) allows you to backup and restore posts, settings and plugins of Windows Live Writer application on the computer. Developer has re-written this utility with little

Backup Internet Explorer favorites, password, settings

Moving from one computer to another or upgrading from one version of Internet Explorer to another - we lose all internet explorer favorites, password and other settings. This can be really annoying and backing up each component like favorites or passwords manually can involve lot of time