5 ways to fix slow Internet Explorer browser

Internet Explorer web browser is used by lot of users to surf the internet. "My Internet Explorer has slowed down, was working very quickly first time I used it". Ideally, over a period of time Internet Explorer may slow down. This may result is slower website opening and Internet Explorer

Surf Facebook Lite faster on slow internet connection

Facebook has introduced trimmed down interface version "Facebook Lite". It has basic features of Facebook and loads very quickly. So, if you are a Facebook addict with slow internet connection - Facebook Lite interface is for you. It has 2 column interface (unlike 3 columns of Facebook)

Preview Gmail inbox for new emails on slow connection

Preview Gmail inbox is new Gmail Labs feature that should please Gmail users using slow internet connection. While Gmail is loading, we have to stare a blank screen with progress bar showing loading status of Gmail inbox. With Preview Inbox feature you can see screenshot image of 10 latest