Ways to download & save full copy of Wikipedia offline

Wikipedia.org is a huge resource for online information. It has updated and relevant information about virtually every topic of user interest. Ideally, you can open specific Wikipedia article page and goto File > Save As in the web browser for an offline copy of that Wikipedia page.

Create online question tests with Zoho Challenge

Zoho has been healthy competitor to Google Docs for providing rich online Word processing and other features. It has an online service "Zoho Challenge" that is ideal for schools, teachers, coaching centers and organizations. It allows you to create online (question & answer) tests with

Download Adobe Flex builder & ColdFusion free

Adobe software are amazing and come with heavy loaded price tag. Adobe is now doing what Microsoft started long back (remember Dreamspark?). Now you can download and use selected Adobe produts for free. This offer is valid for students, faculty and employees of educational

Get Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.95 [US Students]

Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for just $59.95 - this is not a typo but a cool offer for US students. There are few strings attached to be an eligble candidate to grab Office 2007 at super cool discounted price. Here goes: You must have a valid e-mail address at an educational

Download or Order free Microsoft inspired posters

Do you want to spice up walls in your classroom with some inspirational education stuff from Microsoft? Well, then checkout free posters from Microsoft. These poster are meant for your classroom

Get free Microsoft software, DreamSpark India Open

DreamSpark is an excellent initiative by Microsoft to enable students access premium Microsoft software at no charge. We have already seen its roll out in other countries. DreamSpark India is live and kicking now. It

Download ‘Wikipedia for Schools’ for Offline viewing

SOS Children UK and the Wikimedia together has released 2008-09 Wikipedia for Schools. This updated version has the content of a 20 volume encyclopedia - with 34,500 pictures, 20 million words and articles on more than 5500 topics. It is useful for 8-17 year olds who broadly follow the

Free Download of Premium Software like Visual Studio, SQL Server from Microsoft DreamSpark

Here comes a different and generous offer from Microsoft - 'Microsoft DreamSpark'. Now you can download and license premium software like Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Expression Studio, Game Studio 2.0 and many more for NO