How to hide Friends list on Facebook timeline

Facebook timeline display your profile information in all new format. While many users do not like this format and want to disable Facebook timeline feature - Facebook is sticking to it and there is no likely-hood of reverting back to old format in future. Friends list is displayed

Browse any website / blog content in Timeline format

Google Labs launched a neat way to read news online at Google News Timeline. Besides top websites, you can also browse content from top blogs. Just enter the name of any top blog / website and hit the enter key to see its content in timeline format. Sadly, this feature does not work with

Read news neatly organized, Google News Timeline

If you are looking for an easy, quick way to gulp lot of news in least amount of time and screen-space, then checkout new experimental feature Google news timeline. It displays news on a on a zoomable graphical timeline extracted from number of news sources. You can browse latest news

Explore Flickr Videos with Flickr Clock timeline

Flickr Videos is now open to all member with HD video option for Pro Flickr users. Expect to see lot of users uploading lot of videos on Flickr. How about checking out interesting videos on Flickr using Flickr clock? It has bar image preview of videos on a timeline. You can click on

Google’s 10yrs on Timeline @ 10th Birthday website

Google recently celebrated its 10th birthday, which created lot of buzz in blogosphere but nothing was coming from Google itself. Well, wait is over with Google acknowledging its