See list of applications accessing your Twitter account

Twitter is a dead simple way to blog and tell world "What are you doing now?". This simple tool now has loads of "not so simple" and ever increasing 3 party Twitter based applications. Majority of these application require you to sign in using Twitter account in order to use them. We

Official Google accounts on Twitter, pick & follow

We have already seen huge list of official Microsoft products account on Twitter. Here comes the crowd from Google with over 40+ official Twitter accounts for different Google products and services. Checkout the following listing of important Google accounts on Twitter, you may wanna

Official Microsoft products account on Twitter

Twitter got many big companies like Dell, Google with their official accounts. Microsoft products have their individual accounts on Twitter to allows users to get latest updates. Microsoft is finally showing life on its main twitter account @Microsoft. Twitter users can follow Microsoft

Track people swearing on Twitter [Fword & more]

Twitter is all about expressing and some of us go over-board while doing so. End result is little bit of swearing as we put our point forward in loads of tweets on Twitter. Cursebird is a cool web app that tracks not so cool curse words being used on Twitter. Homepage show bar graph

Unclutter twitter a/c – tidy up followers & following

Twitter is a simple web application but it can easily become complex if you got huge number of Twitter follower and following users. Next Unclutterer, a simple and clever online tool can help you in quickly cleaning of the mess in your Twitter account. Cleaning process is based on certain