How to check internet explorer for updates

Internet Explorer is default web browser for majority of Windows users. It is one stop interface to access favorite website, emails and much more. Besides checking on the current version of Internet Explorer you can also check for latest updates for Internet Explorer installed on your

Update Windows offline without internet connection

Ideally, live internet connection is required to update Windows operating system directly from Microsoft website. In multi PC environment, connecting each computer to internet may not be feasible (but installing updates on each computer is essential). Hence, need to update Windows PC

Prevent Vista Service Pack install via Windows Update

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 was released few days back. It will be pushed to Windows users through automatic updates. In coming days, Windows update should install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on your computer. However, if you want to prevent this - use Service Pack Blocker Tool

Disable auto-install of Internet Explorer 8 via updates

Internet Explorer 8 is all new, loaded with lot of features and creating tons of positive buzz. Microsoft is keen to push automatic update for upgrading your web browser from IE6/7 to IE8. This all will be done through 'High priority' Windows update notification. Related - Remove or

See list of Windows update, uninstall them [XP only]

Windows updates (service packs and hotfixes) are very important to keep system updated and secure. However, sometimes an update can cause more trouble than good on the system. WinUpdatesList utility allows you to see list of Windows update installed on the computer. You can