Save & edit Office 2010 files as PDF or XPS

Microsoft Office 2010 has default support for saving files in PDF or XPS format. Previously, we had to install save as XPS addon for option to save files in XPS format in Office 2007 or use free Microsoft XPS viewer software. However, in MS Office 2010 you can save file as XPS or PDF

Convert XPS to PDF file: free converter process

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification technology from Microsoft. We have already seen how to create and edit XPS files in Microsoft Office 2007. There are number of ways to convert XPS files to PDF format. Majority of them asks you to buy converter software for conversion. Following

Create & Edit XPS files in MS Office Word 2007

XPS is a file format extension for specific type of documents. We have already seen free Micosoft XPS viewer software to open and view XPS files. You can also crete and further edit XPS files within Microsoft Office Word 2007 installed on your computer. This is possible by installing free

Open & view XPS files with free XPS viewer

XPS is XML Paper Specification which is used in Windows Printing machine. In more simple terms, XPS is a file format of documents which can be viewed and printed on Windows based computer. XPS is pre-installed on Windows Vista but Windows XP users need special software XPS viewer to open

Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) print queue

XPS document format in Windows Vista is a document format, Windows spool file format and page description language (PDL) for printers. XPS Removal tool can come handy, if you do not want to use Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) printer to create XPS document on the computer. You can

Create PDF, open document files in Office 2007 [sp2]

If you are using Office 2007, make sure you install Service Pack2 update to add loads of new features and improvements [discussed here]. We have already seen an alternative to save Office 2007 documents as PDF / XPS files by installing Office Add-on for the same. If you install Office 2007