Update Chrome OS software on Chromebook

Unlike Windows, Chromebook makes Chrome operating system updates routine easy and quick. Ideally, over a period of time computer slows down. But Chromebook features has impressive listing of auto updating Chrome operating system on Chromebook devices. New updates are installed seamlessly

How to print on Chromebook notebook

Ideally we connect printer to our Windows or MAC computer using cable and get started with printing routine. However, do not plug printer to Chromebook - it wont print that way. Among many features of Chromebook, you do not need any cable or printer drivers for printing on ChromeBook as it

Download free Chromebook themes

Are you planning to purchase Chromebook netbook device? Since Chromebook is based on Google Chrome browser [Chrome OS], the default look may bore you after sometime. Among all the promising features of Chromebook, you can change the default look of Chrome OS on your chromebook using free

How to use Google Talk on Chrome OS notebook

Google launched Samsung and Acer made ChromeBook notebooks (netbooks) powered by Chrome operating system. It promises hassle free working using applications while connected to the internet. Google Talk (Gtalk) is an effective way to stay in touch with friends in online world on usual

Order & buy Google ChromeBooks online

ChromeBooks promises to be a hassle free device for users connected to internet all the time. Powered by Chrome operating system, it brings all new web enabled experience with nice integration with Chrome browser and other Google services. Chromebook feature list is impressive with fast

ChromeBook features with Chrome operating system

We are so use to desktop computers with Windows, MAC or Linux operating systems and same is true for laptops. However, there is new breed of strip down laptops meant primarily for web use called netbooks. Even netbooks come preloaded with desktop experience through custom Windows operating