How to transfer file using SSH access [putty]

Secure shell (SSH) allows secured connection to remote computer. Besides performing quick and easy file transfer, it allows robust security. You can use Putty client software for SSH shell access. This program allows quick setup and start of file transfer using SSH access. Use Putty for

Download Putty, free Windows SSH client software

Secure shell (SSH) technology provide secure communication channel on Linux and Unix systems. You can connect to remote systems via SSH using public and private keys. For using SSH medium, you need an SSH client software for making private remote connection. Putty SSH client for secure

Twitter in Outlook, OutTwit hidden at work !

If you cannot get over Twitter addiction and use Microsoft Outlook on office computer all the time - then OutTwit application is for you. It allows you to remain Twitter addicted within Outlook application. You can perform basic Twitter chores within Outlook interface keeping every thing

Chirp Twitter Client, Vista gloss & cool functionality

We have seen number of Twitter Clients from online versions like Gtwit to numerous offline versions including TweetDeck and Twhirl. Here is another one 'Chirp' with cool functionality and Windows Vista Gloss. It has very cool user interface and is specially for your Windows Vista

Gtwit, a web based Twitter Client – No install required

There are number of Twitter clients that you can install on your computer and get going with Twittering. Gtwit is a dynamic web based Twitter client that do not require any software download and installation. Hosted on Google's cloud infrastructure, it allows you to perform basic