Convert text to PDF format, free converter

Do you have some text that should be saved and shared in PDF format? Well, just paste your text in Notepad (TXT) file and convert that file into PDF format using free converter - iStarSoft TXT2PDF. Select one or more text files, chose PDF destination folder and hit the convert

Convert Microsoft Access database to MySQL

Do you have a Microsoft Access database file that should be converted to MySQL? If yes, then you just need free utility BullZip MS Access to MySQL converter. It has easy to follow step by step wizard for conversion process. Select the MS Access database and enter login details for the

Convert Your PhotoShop Creations into CSS compliant Webpages Online for Free

Understanding and coding CSS can be hard for most of us. However, many of us are good enough with little bit of brushing and designing in PhotoShop. Now with Psd2scconline you can convert your PhotoShop creations into CSS pages online for free. You can easily dish out unique templates

Free Text to Speech Reader to Listen Text Loud & Clear

Vozme can let your blog post speak while SpokenText Online tool can convert webpages, ppts, WordFiles into speech format. How about an offline option for Text to Speech conversion? Hal Text-to-Speech Reader is a free download-able application that can convert text into speech. It can

5 Ways to Create or Convert into Mobile Phone Website

People hooked to internet via their mobile phones is on the rise but only few websites offer mobile compatible format of their websites. Do you want to offer mobile version of your website or blog? Don't worry, this does not involve learning any programming language or