Office 97 to 2003 converter pack to convert files & documents

Many users are using Microsoft Office 2007 and are waiting for Office 2010 release. However, there are many more users who are still using older version of Microsoft Office (97 and 2003). If you have migrated from Microsoft Office 97 to 2003 and getting trouble opening files due to format

Convert IP address to binary / integer number

Do you want to see equivalent binary or integer value for specific IP address? Here is a simple online tool that calculates and display integer / binary value number for any IP address. It also show the procedure to convert and calculate the final associated binary / integer

Convert audio / video to EXE self playing file [no codec & player]

One quick and easy way to share audio and videos files is converting them into self playing EXE files. "Audio/video to EXE" is a small utility that allow such conversion at a click of a button. After conversion you can play any audio and video file without worrying about audio / video

Free flash FLV to Mp3 converter

Convert Flash FLV files into MP3 audio files quickly using MiniDvdSoft Free Flash Flv MP3 Converter. Using this application you can extract audio from flash FLV videos files and save the audio in mp3 format. You can extract parts of audio file of your interest and convert to mp3 format. It

Convert PNG to ICO format online & create icons

You can easily create icons from PNG images on the computer without installing any software. ConvertICON is a free and easy to use online image converter to convert PNG images into ICO icon format. Using this online image converter, you can make icons from PNG images on your

Convert JPG, PNG, BMP image to ICO icon format

Do you want to convert an image into icon quickly? Imagicon is a free and small utility to convert any image into icon format with simple drag & drop. Just drag any JPEG / BMP / PNG image into Imagicon application window to get same image saved as ICO icon format. By default, it is set

Color converter for RAL, RGB & HEX codes information

Each color can be identified in different terms or formats when used in web applications or projects. For example: white color can also be displayed using code (#FFFFFF). Similarly, every color has specific and unique color name, RAL, RGB and HEX value. HEXelon RAL Konwerter is a

Convert text case online to uppercase & lowercase

Are you looking for quick and breezy way to format and convert text case? Case Converter is an online tool that can convert case of any copied text real quick. Just type or paste text in online editor and hit the required case converter button at the bottom to get the final case converted

Convert number digits to letters in different languages

Are you looking for an easy way to convert 23 into twenty-three? "Number 2 Letters" is a small application that allows conversion of digit numbers into alphabet letters. Just enter any digit and hit the manual test button to see its equivalent in alphabet letters. You can convert specific

Extract text from corrupted docx files [docx to txt]

Docx files has its own perils if you do not have newer version of Microsoft Office. Incase, docx file is corrupted then even MS office cannot open the file and allows access to its content. Damaged Docx2Txt might come handy in trying to recover important text from a corrupted docx

Convert PX to EM format body font size online

PX and EM are two different ways or format measure to configure body font size in any web project. We often set font in the px (pixel) format like 12px. However, these days many web designer use em format over px (not sure why). Incase your are confused in relative conversion of PX to EM

Convert PDF to Excel file format online

PDFtoExcel online is a handy online converter from Nitro PDF. It allows you to convert PDF to Excel file format online without having to download, sign-in or register. Just click on browse button and upload your PDF file. Enter your Email ID and hit the convert button to receive converted