Skip damaged & copy secured files & folders

Copying bunch of files and folders containing few damaged files is not easy. By default, copy process stops after giving error for a damaged file among files or in a folder. "Power Copy" programs allows continuous copy process even when a damaged file in encountered. It reports error for

Copy & transfer movie, music files from iPhone to PC with iPhone Explorer

iPhone Explorer is a cool free application that makes copying of files, folder to/from iphone and computer real easy. It allows you to copy and transfer files with drag N drag like we do on normal USB or pen drive connected to the computer. You can move files easily and even create new

How to duplicate & copy Google Docs file?

Say you received a Google Docs file and you want to edit that file but don't have permission to do so. Here is quick and easy way to make copy of that file and make any changes you want to that Google Docs file. Just change the original Google Docs URL