Get Pagerank change alerts of multiple URLs in Email

We have already seen ways to get alerts for stories related to any keyword or alerts for new Youtube videos of your interest. Here is similar web service 'PageRankAlert' for receiving alerts of pagerank changes of any website or URL. It is a simple and free web service that send alerts via

Get Email alerts for new Youtube videos you like

With so much information and content overload, tracking stuff of personal interest in not easy. We already know cool way of using Google Alerts & Favbot to track any word (or keyword) across the interest and receive email notification for the same. Video-Alerts does similar for new

Track any Keyword across internet on the fly

All of us are interested in different type of content available on internet. So, how can you track favorite keywords or topics on the internet? Google Alerts is one cool way to track favorite keywords. To get started: goto Google Alerts, enter your keyword, select type among 'News,