How to remove bubble Facebook Chat Box layout

Facebook has updated chat box with new layout. Now chat messages appear in bubble like layout just like they appear on smartphones. While new layout is eye catching and is cool for small screen devices like phones, desktop users may still want to use old simple Facebook Chat box layout.

How to send photo Stickers in Facebook chat

Till now, we could only send emoticons in chat window on Facebook. Take things to the next level, introducing "Stickers" for Facebook chat. They are used just like emoticons but are better looking and more detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Stickers allows you to

Send & share photos in Facebook Chat Box

Facebook users upload and share lot of images in Photos section organized in form of Photo Albums. Do you want to instantly share a photo with specific Facebook friend? Then head over to Facebook chat and use new "share photos" feature on Facebook. This feature allows you to upload and

Official Facebook chat messenger software for Windows

Facebook has finally started working on standalone instant messenger (IM) software to allow users to chat with Facebook friends without using Facebook website. While we have already seen ways to Facebook chat without Facebook website in the form of apps like Facebook chit chat and Pidgin,

Change font & window size of Facebook chat box

Just like Facebook website interface, Facebook chat box has also undergone makeover over period of time. There are number of ways to enhance Facebook chat box besides trying to switch to old sytle Facebook chat window. While doing long chatting sessions, small chat box and even smaller

How to send ‘Like’ emoticon in Facebook chat

Facebook's Like button is a very familiar thing on the internet. Like button resemble thumbs up shaped icon. Now you can use this like icon (button) as smiley emoticon during Facebook chat. So, if you like something your friend just wrote on Facebook chat - you can quickly appreciate it by

Switch back to old style Facebook chat box

New Facebook chat box is now called Messaging sidebar. Besides the name, functionality and user interface has also changed. Unlike old Facebook chat box, the new Facebook chat sidebar box in not a floating box. Instead it is stuck to right side with whole browsing area shifted to left side

Go offline to specific friends on new Facebook chat sidebar

All new Facebook chat sidebar (also called messaging sidebar) is causing lot of confusion and helplessness among Facebook users. We have already seen how to hide and remove new Facebook chat sidebar from Facebook account temporarily. If you want to appear offline or unavailable to specific

Hide & remove new Facebook chat sidebar box

New Chat box on Facebook is now dedicated sidebar column stuck to right side as you surf Facebook website. This can be very annoying, as it takes valuable screen space and disrupts the usual Facebook browsing. While ways to switch back to old Facebook chat style are yet to be explored, you

How to group chat on Facebook with multiple friends

Bored of usual one to one chatting experience on Facebook? You can bring in more spice and interactivity by chatting with more than one person on Facebook using new group chat feature. It allows you to text chat with multiple online friends on Facebook. You can select multiple online

How to remove Facebook chat bar

Facebook is a great way to keep touch with friends and family. Besides the core functionality of sending and receiving messages: Facebook has lot of other feature like uploading photos, sharing videos, creating fan pages and chatting with Facebook friends. Few users may not be interested

Green dot & moon icons in Facebook Chat

If you have not disabled Facebook chat, then you may notice few icons next to friend names in Facebook chat window. Green dots and half moon icons are two types of symbols that may appear in Facebook chat window. Each symbol has respective meaning indicating the status of specific friend