Change date – time stamp details of files & folders

Do you want to change date and time information associated with specific file or folder on the computer? NewFile Time utility allows you to make such changes using very neat and easy to use interface. To get started, just drag and drop any file in the application window (or use import

Analyse hard drive space in real time [Portable app]

It is very important to know which software, application, folders and files are taking up space on your hard drive. Ideally one can access that information in Windows explorer in very user unfriendly and boring manner. Make this more interesting and real time with Space

See List of Largest files & folders on your computer

Ever wanted to know what is taking so much space on your computer? Yes, there are many free applications to show details of files and storage complete with fancy graphs. How about keeping things real simple and relevant? Primitive File Size chart quickly lists top 50 largest folders and

Gmail folders aka labels, how to use them?

Gmail has always focused on labels rather than folders, while Yahoo Mail always had folders for easy management of emails. Gmail has just added new feature that makes label work more like folders. You can select any email message and place in under specific label (or folder) in gmail. With

Monitor Hard drive for free space & Out of date Files

At times managing loads of files and their disk space requirements can take lot of time. You can make this process little easy with Liberty Disk Monitor. It allows you to assist in management of computer's drive space. It can monitor the available free space on a drive selected by the