Change file & folder ownership information in Windows

Do you want to quickly change ownership information of a specific file or a folder containing multiple files? File Owner Changer 'chown' is a free portable utility that makes this all easy and quick. It has simple interface allowing you to select any file / folder and then assign specific

Find & Delete files older than specified number of days

Over period of time, we tend to accumulate lot of file that may not be required now. One easy way to clean files junk is by deleting old files. "Clean Drive" is a handy utility that allows searching of files older than specified number of days. You can selectively delete older files and

Print folders & file details: Karens Directory printer

Beside printing usual documents, sometimes we need to printer folder contents and file details. One tiring and time consuming way is to manually type folder contents in a word file and then print it. Karens Directory printer program makes this all easy and very quick for printing

Find & delete empty Folders & sub-Folders

Creating and deleting folders is a common routine for any Windows user. Folder Vanity Remover is a small utility that helps clean up empty folders. It detects and automatically delete empty folders and sub folders from selected folder or drive. It is very light utility with small size of

Create HTML webpage of Folder contents with file hyperlinks

At times it becomes difficult to track specific file contained in a folder. One better way to index and shows contents of a folder is by generating automatic HTML webpage showing folder contents. Folder2Hyperlinks tool make this all easy by creating HTML webpage of selected folder contents

Enable task manager, folder options, registry & hidden files

Suddenly, Windows task manager has been disabled / grayed out and you cannot click on option to open it. Also, cannot open folder options to enable viewing of hidden files / folders, Windows search box does not open - these are few after effects of virus attack on Windows computer. Even

Skip damaged & copy secured files & folders

Copying bunch of files and folders containing few damaged files is not easy. By default, copy process stops after giving error for a damaged file among files or in a folder. "Power Copy" programs allows continuous copy process even when a damaged file in encountered. It reports error for

Make list of folder contents, copy to Clipboard & print

Manually typing content listing of each folder on the computer can take lot of time and effort. DriveZ is a free portable utility that allows you to automatically list contents of any folder. You can copy complete listing to the clipboard, which can be further saved as a text file or

Share Google Docs files & folders with other users

Multiple users working on same document just became more easy at Google Docs. It has introduced "share folder" feature. Goto Create New > Folder to create new folder in your Google Docs account. Then drag and drop items like docs, spreadsheet into folder which can be further shared with

Create New Folder with keyboard shortcut hotkey in Windows XP

Keyboard shortcut hotkeys or direct access are always easy to perform tasks quickly. Upcoming Windows 7 operating has in-built functionality to create new folder using keyboard shortcut key. Do you want similar functionality on Windows XP computer? Small utility bxNew folder does this with

How to add folder & applications to My Computer window?

Do you want to add a specific folder to My Computer window for quick and easy access? Shedko Folder2MyPC is a small application that allows placing of any folder or application directly in My Computer and / or Control Panel Window. This will allow quick access to your favorite folders and

Generate HTML index file for folder / drive contents

Do you want to see contents of a specific folder or drive in the form of working HTML file? DirHTML is a handy application that quickly creates HTML index files with neat listing of content of a folder or drive. It displays content in a neat tabulated HTML file containing click-able links