How to see Friendship pages of Facebook friends

We may have lot of friends on Facebook but we tend to interact more with few specific friends. One can easily view full set of interaction and things shared with specific friend using "Friendship pages" feature on Facebook. Friendship page between you and your specific friend will show

‘Not now’ to hide Friend requests on Facebook

Do you want to ignore friend request on Facebook? Ideally, there is option to confirm yes or no to Facebook friend requests. However, now you can ignore any received friend request to consider accepting it in future using 'Not Now' option. 'Not Now' feature does not delete or mark NO to

How to create Friend list in Facebook

In Facebook when someone updates his/her profile , you can see it.  The updates of your friends, family members and other contacts are all shown together. You can see updates separately from selective group of friends and family members (or Facebook contacts). This is possible by creating

How to add Orkut friends to Facebook account

Are you one of many social networking lovers switching from Orkut to Facebook? Facebook has made it all easy for Orkut users to join Facebook and bring along Orkut friends to their new Facebook account. It has new feature that allows you to import Orkut friends to Facebook account and stay

Manage Orkut friends birthday with Google Calendar

Ideally we have lot of friends added to our Orkut account. Remembering birthday of each friend and wishing him / her 'on-time' can be an ask. Now you can easily manage and wish Orkut friends 'Happy birthday' in timely manner without much effort using Google Calendar. Orkut profile page