Enable & switch to new look Gmail inbox [theme preview]

Google Search is going through makeover with better and more neater looking interface in the offering. On similar lines, other Google services are also getting makeover. Gmail users can also relish all new stylish looking interface while reading and sending emails. This new look is not

Add background photos to Gmail inbox

Gmail just got more fun and colorful with new feature that allow you to create custom Gmail theme with specific background image(s). Using 'create your own theme' option you can upload and display any (personal) photo as background image of your Gmail inbox. You can select upto two photos,

Simple Gmail in minimalist white Look

Gmail can be customized to a great extend. You can use labs options to add more features to Gmail inbox or use themes to change Gmail look. We have already seen Greasemonkey & userscript that allows you to render simple and minimalist look to Gmail. If you find that confusing to

Minimalist simple Gmail skin & Look

Gmail inbox look can be played around using in-built Gmail theme. It even has random theme option, that renders random theme to your Gmail inbox after every few hours. If you are fan of dead simple minimalist looks, then here is "Helvetimail". It gives all white, smooth and minimalist look

See random new Gmail theme everyday

Gmail has added new themes along with new "random theme" feature. It allows you to see Gmail inbox with new look theme everyday you login into it. With lot of Gmail themes, this feature will randomly set different theme for a new looking Gmail inbox daily! How to set Random Gmail

Create Gmail Theme with own colors & look

Gmail introduced number of themes to spice up look of your Gmail inbox. There are number of themes to chose from to give cool makeover to Gmail inbox. Now, you can do more by adding personalized touch with colors you want for every element in your Gmail inbox. 'Chose your own colors' is a

Official Gmail Themes, Add Color & Spice to Inbox

Till now, we could theme Gmail inbox with greasemonkey script in Firefox browser and some downloaded code. No need for such hassles here ON. Official Gmail Themes are out and now you can theme