How to save ‘ready to print’ webpage as PDF file

Printing online webpages can be a confusing task for an average user. Here is the case, you have final webpage that should be printed but there is no printer connected to that computer. You need to save that final "ready for print" webpage as document file and then transfer it to computer

Which are Apple airprint & Google cloud ready printers

New generation printers do not require manual connection through wires for printing documents, photos and more. These printers can print wirelessly without need to for wired connection between computer and the printer. Using Apple's Airprint and Google's Cloud Print services you can print

How to print on Chromebook notebook

Ideally we connect printer to our Windows or MAC computer using cable and get started with printing routine. However, do not plug printer to Chromebook - it wont print that way. Among many features of Chromebook, you do not need any cable or printer drivers for printing on ChromeBook as it

Enable Google cloud print connector in Chrome

Google cloud print connector feature in Google Chrome promises to make printing more easy and quick. Ideally, you need software that connects Cloud Print with your printers. Latest Google Chrome 9 for Window has Cloud print connector feature. You need to enable Google Cloud Print connector