Open, edit & create Google Docs from desktop

Google Docs is a very good online Microsoft Office alternative. You can create, edit, publish and share word documents using rich online Google Docs editor. Ideally, you have to goto login into your Google account. Then create or edit existing documents online and

Google Quick Box to search web, desktop & Twitter

Google Quick Search (QSB) is out for MAC platform (besides existing Windows). Once installed you can search any damn thing on your computer or internet. As you type, it will pop-up suggestions (like Google Suggest) for easy and quick click through to required stuff. As seen in image below,

Read RSS feeds on desktop with Google Reader gadget

Google Reader is one of the favorite way to read RSS feeds online without having to install any application on the computer. Now you can take Google Reader out of the web browser to the desktop using Google Reader Gadget. It is a good option to read RSS feeeds on the desktop. Related

Find, open & upload Google Docs from the desktop

We have already seen cool way to access Gmail messages from the desktop via new Google Desktop gadget. Here comes another Google Desktop gadget for your Google Docs. It allows quick access to your Google Docs and help you search, open and upload them on the fly. While at work, you can

Watch Youtube Videos on your desktop

Google has launched new gadget for Google Desktop users. For starters, Google desktop is a download-able free software from Google to access and interface with various Google services from your desktop. Youtube Gadget for Google desktop makes Youtube video viewing experience easy and

Access Gmail on desktop with new desktop gadget

Gmail team seems to be in over-drive to keep you busy trying out new with Gmail. It recently got all color, design and jazz with Gmail themes. Here is new bump on Gmail accessibility front. You can access Gmail on desktop without opening web browser. This is possible using new Google

Download Google Desktop, its now faster & Stable

Google Desktop is a software from Google that allows you to search your computer as easily as you search the web with Google. You can find and launch applications and files with just a few keystrokes. Google Desktop version 5.8 is out which promises improved performance and stability.