Show Date Picker & Time in Google Forms

Till now, Date picker has been a big miss in Google (Docs) Forms. In the latest update, Google Forms has added Time and Date picker options. Now there is no need of using third party hacks for showing date option in Google Forms.  You can create forms and easily add functionality of date

Create simple HTML webpages online in Google Drive

For starters, creating HTML webpages can be big and confusing task. Gone are days, when we use to open Notepad editor and start typing HTML code for webpage creation. Now there are so many free tools available for quick HTML webpage generation. Google Drive Docs provide free online

How to add Stock photos in Google Drive documents

Google's online Word Processing suite "Google Docs' is not part of "Google Drive". With integration, you can create word, excel, presentation documents and keep them safely stored in free Google Drive storage space. While creating documents in Google Drive (Docs) you can easily insert

‘Save to Drive’ option to send files & images to Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online file storage space provided by Google. Anyone with Gmail or Google account can setup Google Drive on Windows and then easily upload files to Google Drive storage. For better and quicker usage of Google Drive storage space we have already seen lot of

How to translate PDF document files online

Just downloaded or received a PDF document file via email in a different language. Looking for quick and free ways to translate language of that PDF file online without need to download or install any software program. Check out following online tools and services for easy language

How to copy & upload files to Google Drive storage

Google Drive offer free 5GB of online storage space which can be increased through monthly subscription. You can use this free online storage space to backup important files, photos and documents. Uploading and adding files to Google Drive storage is very simple routine and this can be

Download, install & setup Google Drive on Windows

Google Drive is a new service from Google that let you store and share your stuff online. Technically, it is a cloud storage service offering free 5GB of space for every Google account. You can upload and store your files, documents and photos online in Google Drive, further quickly

Send & save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive

Do you receive lot of email messages on Gmail with attached documents and presentation files? Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox with attachment files - how about saving important files directly to Google Drive (Docs)? Ideally, you will need to download attachment file from Gmail and