How to download backup of my Youtube videos

Youtube provide an easy platform to upload and share videos with the online world. An active Youtube video publisher (or uploader) is always looking ways for safe keeping of uploaded videos. Ideally, you may have backup dump of original videos on your computer. In addition to this, you may

Save list of websites where you clicked Google+ plus button

Google+ Plus button is another easy way to appreciate and like webpages. Once you click +1 button on specific webpage, reference for the same is saved in your Google+ Plus account. Over a period of time, you may have +1d many webpages on different websites. Do you want to download and view

Download your data stored on Google services

Google wants you (the user) to have complete control of data created and stored on Google while using different Google services like search, docs, youtube, picasa and many more. You can easily checkout summary details of your Google account and associated Google services in Google