Hold & resume among multiple Calls in Gmail

Calling feature has been there for a while allowing you to make voice calls in Gmail. Till now we could only make, receive and handle one call at a given time. Google has added support for multiple call handling during voice. This does not imply, that you can talk to two people at same

How to receive phone calls in Gmail

You can easily make quick phone call by clicking 'call phone' button in chat window on left side of Gmail inbox. To receive phone calls in Gmail, you need to make sure of few things. Besides the basic requirements of 'video - voice plugin' [gmail.com/call], mic, headphones, gmail account -

Make free phone calls from Gmail

Gmail now has all the goodness of calling any phone number (just like we do using Skype). Google is slowly rolling out phone calling feature powered by Google Voice from within Gmail inbox interface. Using this, you can make phone calls with a click of a button by logging into Gmail

Play & listen Google Voice Mails in Gmail

Google Voice provide a unique number to manage communication with your existing phones. Google Voice users receive regular voicemail notifications on their Gmail ID. Previously, clicking on voicemail message resulted in a new page window to hear voice mail. From now on, you can listen

Get your Google Voice number printed on cards, free offer

Google Voice is slowly rolling out active accounts to users interesting in using Google Voice service. Here is cool freebie for Google Voice users - get your Google number printed on cards for free. Google is giving away 50,000 free sets of 25 cards over the next week. It is absolutely