Recover hacked Hotmail account password

Email account is very personal and important resource for any web user. Forgetting password and losing access to email account as a result of hacking are few perils of using online email account. If you are a Windows Live Hotmail account user and has lost access to your email account -

How to recover hacked Facebook account

Facebook profile account is a valuable online identity for lot of online users. Losing this identity or account to hackers can prove bad considering lot of personal information associated with each Facebook account. Is your Facebook account hacked and you cannot login?. Your usual login

Website Hacking & spam alerts in Google Webmaster

"... is my website or blog hacked?" This is first question that comes to mind when website appear radically different to what it should or it together does not show anything. Website hacking, content spam and abuse is getting more rampant in online world. While there is Google Safe

MakeUseOf Tech Blog Hacked & Stolen, Crap !

Being famous isn't that easy - it invites all good and bad eyes. MakeUseOf has fallen victim to the same when someone try to hack and steal domain 'makeuseof' and even GOT success. Yeah, if you visit makeuseof now - it will show some strange landing page instead of long blog posts