Kill Windows process manually with taskkill command

Sometimes Task manager and registry editor is disabled as a result of Virus effect. Stopping or killing a Windows process during this requires workaround with manual method [alternatively, use free utility to enabled disabled Window features]. You can easily kill any Windows process

Disable Ctfmon.exe Windows process with CtfMon Remover

Note: If you change keyboard language scheme like changing keyboard languages from English to German, then you need Ctfmon Windows service and it should not be disabled. For starters: Ctfmon.exe provides the "Alternative User Input" features like speech recognition and handwriting

See active Svchost.exe process list with free portable analyser

Svchost.exe is considered mysterious and sometime notorious Window process as number of viruses, trojans use this process name to hide their maliicious activities. Ideally an authentic svchost.exe file is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder on your computer. Svchost Process Analyzer is a

View all active & hidden processes on computer

While your computer is ON, there are number of processes and applications running the background. We have already seen free utility process explorer to view such processes. Here is another free utility Process Revealer, which besides active processes also show hidden processes. Hidden

Which processes are Ruling my PC? Get more info…

It is very important to know which all processes are running at given point of time on your PC. So, how do you access current processes on your computer? Well, it is easy by opening "Task Manager" [Right click on taskbar, click on task manager]. But task manager does not provide all the