Add Lyrics box to Youtube video webpage

We have seen number apps to see lyrics for current songs being played in Winamp music player, iTunes app and Zune software. Now you can also view lyrics while watching Youtube videos. "Youtube Lyrics" is a userscript that pulls lyrics data for the current Youtube video from number of

See Lyrics of current song playing in Zune software

Viewing lyrics of current song being played adds charm to whole music listening routine. Now you can view lyrics of current song being played in Zune software using handy application "Zune Lyrics". It neatly show complete lyrics of current song, which you can read while the songs is

How to download & view lyrics for songs played in iTunes?

iTunes is a cool application to listen to favorite songs. You can easily enhance music listening experience by viewing lyrics of currently playing track in iTunes. This is possible using "ilyrics" iTunes Lyrics Importer addon for iTunes. It allows you to download and view lyrics for songs