Customize ‘new tab’ window in Chrome

Are you bored of default look of 'new tab' in Google Chrome browser? You can easily customize contents appearing in new tab of Chrome using different Chrome extensions. You can configure it to display blank webpage or open specific website URL. You can also add various style elements like

How to duplicate tabs in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Do you want to quickly open currently opened website in a new tab? You can easily perform such tab duplication in your favorite web browser. In few simple clicks you can open new (duplicate) instance of any currently opened tab. Following is quick and easy procedure to duplicate tab in

Open blank empty page in New tab on Safari

Safari browser has glitzy start page complete with thumbnail images of top sites. While few users find this loaded default startpage very useful (which appears when a new tab is opened), others may find it annoying. You can easily take it off and set blank empty page to appear while