Convert paper notes into digital format without scanning

Ideally if we write something on paper and want to share it on the internet - we need to scan it to convert into digital format and then share it. How about removing the scanning part and transfer notes on paper directly to the computer and internet? This is possible using piece of

Write notes with photos on Facebook

You can do lot more on Facebook besides sending messages and posting photos. You can ask questions to Facebook friends and even write detailed notes for them using Notes application. Note can be written to describe any personal experience, story or incident. It can be neatly formatted with

Portable Note taking software with tags & priority

Are you looking for simple portable Note taking software? CloudPad program should fit the requirement with its feature laden yet easy interface. It allows you to store notes with enhanced options of adding tags and priority settings. Being portable, you can carry this software anywhere in

TakeNote, spiced Notepad for notes & todo manager

Many of us prefer to keep track of important things using good old simple Notepad. There is always urge to have notepad with few more features, yet stay simple and quick. TakeNote, is a small notepad style application - which is simple and very useful to keep track of lot of information.