Translate Word documents with Office 2007 addon

There are times we need to translate whole Word document into different language and then send it to a recipient. While there is manual way of using online translation services like Google Translate. You will need to paste contents in online editor, translate text and then paste back

Hide windows on desktop & tabs on taskbar, boss!

Say, while at work you are surfing internet instead of doing office work. Your boss is coming and you quickly close all windows on desktop showing non-office work content. Hey, why not hide those windows instead of closing them? And continue browsing them when boss is out of the

OpenOffice portable edition, office on the GO

OpenOffice suit was launched a while ago and now we have portable edition of OpenOffice from Portable Apps. This means, just download package and start using full featured Office software on the GO. It includes a word processor

Send Files directly from MS Office via YouSendit AddOn

File delivery service 'YouSendit' has launched an addon for Microsoft Office users. This is very useful if you want to send large size powerpoint presentations, excel sheets or Word documents right from Office interface. Sending large files using email can be little unreliable and most

How to Save Office 2007 Documents as PDF ?

Want to save your Office 2007 documents in PDF format? No need to install standalone heavy software or use not so reliable online conversion services. You can add 'save as PDF' feature within Office 2007 by installing a small add-on from Microsoft. This download allows you to export and

Access Blocked Files at Office with ‘Download at Work’

Is downloading .exe or .zip files blocked on your office computer? Inspite of this restriction, do you still want to download an exe or zip file? 'Download at Work' web service should come handy to acheive this naughty task. It allows you to download any file by