Download New Opera 10 desktop wallpapers

Newer version of Opera (10) browser should be available for download in few hours. Just like Opera 9.6 release and cool official Opera 9.6 wallpapers- here are few glitzy Opera 10 desktop wallpapers. They are cool looking desktop wallpapers with focus on word / number "10", since its

Download new Snow Leopard desktop wallpapers [OSX 10.6 photos]

Bundled desktop images of upcoming version of operating system releases always cause excitement and urge for quick download. We have already seen loads of Windows 7 OS official desktop wallpapers download and here something similar for new release of Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 Related:

Download The Sims 3 Official Game wallpapers

If you are a gamer, then 'the Sims' should be very familiar name to you. Latest edition of 'the Sims 3' is out and here is free goodie pack to get the Sims experience on your desktop. Checkout official Sims 3 wallpapers pack. Besides logo, wallpapers feature characters and moments from the

How to download old Bing homepage wallpaper photos?

Bing decision search comes with lot of features we have already seen and discussed. It comes loaded with glitzy wallpaper everyday. Wallpapers are so good that you might have been tempted to download them to grace your desktop screen. To get started with download process, you need to open

Download Grooveshark widescreen wallpapers

Are you a Grooveshark music fan? How about dressing up your desktop with cool grudge look Grooveshark wallpapers? Incase sharing Grooveshark music with facebook friends and blog users is too much of ask, download few wallpapers should be real easy. Checkout some cool looking

Vodafone ZooZOo ad wallpapers & screensaver

Vodafone ZooZOo advertisement is creating quiet a stir all around. It is being liked by everyone from kids to aged people. Vodafone has created 30 such advertisements and everyday a new ZooZOo advertisement is shown during IPL cricket match day. ZooZOo characters are cute, charming

Official Windows7 RC wallpapers – cool download

As expected Windows7 RC has leaked on the internet. It comes loaded with lot of features including cool looking official wallpapers. There are number of colorful and very profound looking wallpapers to add jazz to your desktop. More Win7 Wallpapers: Russian Edition - Win7 Beta

Cool Windows 7 Russia Wallpapers download pack

Windows 7 build editions keep popping up on the internet. With each release, we get to grab fresh wallpaper goodies. The build number 7072 from Russia is latest in series featuring some cool new wallpapers. Related - New Zealand Bliss Vista desktop wallpapers Download Wallpapers

Official Windows7 Beta Wallpapers Pack

Windows7 beta was leaked on torrent network. Many downloaded and installed Windows7  to test out new baby from Microsoft. Official Windows7 Beta release should happen very soon in Jan 2009. Windows7 beta comes with fresh load of cool official wallpapers. There are over 40 colorful

Live Mesh Colorful Wallpapers, Download Full Set

You may not be using 'Live Mesh' web service from Microsoft but you can for sure use cool 'Live Mesh' goodies. Checkout colorful Live Mesh Wallpapers. It feature color laden background images with cool glassy Live Mesh logo in between. Full set has different variant of

Windows7 Wallpaper inspired from Official Screenshots

We have already seen glitzy (but unofficial) Windows7 Wallpapers. Here is new Windows7 wallpaper inspired from preview of screenshots unveiled at PDC 2008. Click here to download the whole package.