Happy New Year Orkut Theme, change it now

If you forgot to change Orkut theme during Christmas with Orkut Christmas theme, New Year is the time to play catchup. Orkut has released new theme for 'Happy New Year'. As expected, theme has all the color and vibe to ring in new year in style. Header has colorful characters enjoying

Orkut Christmas Theme, splash holiday color

Recently, Orkut listed apps to spice up and prepare your Orkut profile for upcoming Christmas and holiday season. Well, here comes more - the official Orkut Christmas theme. Splash colors by activating this theme in few

Official Orkut Diwali Theme, ChangeOver now !

Diwali celebration are all over for year 2008 but Orkut is giving you reason to stay in Diwali spirit for rest of the year with Official Orkut Diwali Theme. It is dark, colorful and playful theme that captures the spirit of Diwali. Change your default Orkut theme to this theme to add

Create Orkut Themes with Online Theme Generator

Orkut themes made colorful debut long back. Since then, besides default Orkut themes - we have seen number of Orkut themes like themes featuring bollywood stars. Still not satisfied with Orkut themes currently available? Well, you can create your own Orkut theme in few simple mouse