How to wake up computer from sleep, hibernation

Sleep and hibernation allows you to save on power when computer is not under active use. You can easily put Windows PC to sleep or hibernation when moving away for sometime. When you come back, you can wake up Windows PC from sleep or hibernation state at a click of button. There are

How to sleep, hibernate Windows 7 PC

If you moving away from computer for a small period of time, it is advisable to put PC to sleep mode rather than leaving to ON and running. This saves power and allows you to quickly resume work as soon as you return. You can easily put Windows 7 PC to sleep or hibernation in few simple

Prevent & disable PC shutdown, hiberation & log off

Few PC users prefer to schedule shutdown, restart of computer to save power and enforce strict PC usage routine. On the contrary, few users prefer the opposite of not turning off or hibernating PC, even when they are not around. Ideally, you can configure computer shutdown, hibernation and

Save power on Windows 7 with power saver plan

"Go Green" is a big wave all over the world. You can go green and save power while using computer. There are number of ways like installing software to help fight global warming or doing basics correctly of using optimum power plan for your Windows 7 computer. You can enable power saver

Change Power schemes with shortcut hotkeys

Using proper Power Scheme at specific time help save laptop power and allows prolonged usage. SchemeHK is a free portable utility that allows you to switch between various power schemes with quick keyboard shortcut hotkey. You can quickly switch to a different power scheme anytime while