Run Windows program software on MAC OSX system

Have you recently migrated from Windows to a MAC OSX system and sorely missing your favorite Windows program software on MAC? Besides every so popular Wine, you can try "WineBottler" program for MAC. It allows you to run Windows program on MAC systems by bottling them into separate

How to launch programs with shortcut hotkeys

Ideally we go to start menu options or double click icons to launch different program on Windows computer. You can quicken up the process of opening programs by assigning quick to use keyboard shortcut key (hotkeys). This is possible by using free utility hotkeyz. Hotkeys to launch

Delete Program List items with Start Menu Cleaner

[For XP, 2000, 98] Is your Programs list menu full of useless items clutter? One way to reduce this clutter is manual deletion of un-wanted items from the program list. But this can be a time consuming and boring process. Start Menu Cleaner utility makes it all easy and quick in cleaning

See List of AutoStart programs at Windows start

During Windows start, number of programs autostart or autoload. Most of these programs are invisible and run in the background. Portable utility ASViewer allows you to see list of these autostart programs. You can easily check what programs are running and verify if they are safe for your

Change default programs, file association & auto play settings

Windows has feature to change file associations and default programs. However, the in-built user interface for changing default programs and files association is not that easy to use for making such changes. "Default Programs Editor" provide alternative user interface for modifying default

Delete or remove disabled startup item programs with MSconfig cleanup

Startup item list refer to programs that automatically load during Windows start. Using MSConfig utility we can view the list such items or programs (Goto Start > Run, type msconfig and click OK). It allows us to enable or disable any item in the list of startup programs. We can disable

Lock & block access to any application with AppLocker

There are times we need to prevent other users on the same computer to open and use specific application software installed on the computer. Classic example being, restricting kids to access Internet Explorer to surf internet or play specific game on the computer. AppLocker makes this