Rename desktop icons on Windows 7, Vista, XP

Bored of usual names assigned to different icons on Windows desktop screen? You can easily spice up icon names / labels by renaming them to any desired name on Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. With renaming you can customize icon text as per requirement that allow easier and faster access

Rename multiple Files in Windows

Managing files on computer is very basic and important routine. We tend to deal with different type of files like images, videos, programs etc. Renaming multiple files at once saves lot of time and effort while managing files on the computer. You can either use Windows trick or free

Portable File Renaming utility: replace, add sufix, prefix

"File Naming" is a portable advanced file re-naming utility. It allows you to change and modify name of any file with different parameters. Being portable, it does not require install. Just download and double click to launch utility to use. To get started, click on "Add Files" button and

Batch rename & replace filename spaces with underscore

Do you have lot of files that has spaces in filenames? Are you looking for easy and quick way to replace those spaces with underscore in filenames? Very small utility (just 4.7kb) Space Remover can come real handy in batch rename of files by replacing spaces in filenames with underscore.

Rename Recycle Bin, My Computer & more in few clicks

By default you cannot rename 'Recycle Bin' and other system icons on the desktop. It is possible by making few registry changes. This can be a task for an average computer user. Desktop Renamer helps you rename icons with any manual registry changes. Using this free utility, you can