Test website in different screen resolutions online

Do you want to view and check webpage in different window size resolutions? Ideally, you would change system screen resolution to preview webpage formatting in new resolution size. You can easily do this online without having to change system resolution settings or installing any plugin

Preview websites in multiple screen sizes / resolutions

There are times we need to preview a specific website in different screen sizes or screen resolutions like: 640 X 480, 800 X 600, 1024 X 768, 1152 X 864, 1280 X 1024 and many more. While there is manual way to change screen resolution and preview website in different size one by

‘NewYear’ Resolution Randomizer for something NEW

NewYear is all set to spillover and its that classic time to make 'New Year' resolutions. Making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is hard. Resolution Randomizer is a web service to tackle easy part of making resolutions. It is Microsoft Silverlight based applications that show