Make custom ringtones online with free web apps

It is always a great feeling to have your custom ringtone playing when your mobile phone is ringing. I bet most users hate default ringtones set by their phone manufacturer. There are quite many web applications where you can create ringtones online. But the problem is, not all of them are

Download Windows Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers & Themes

If you happen to use Windows Mobile phone like HTC Pure, HTC Imagio, Samsung Intrepid - then here are lots of goodies to spice up your mobile experience. Microsoft Windows Phone website offer loads of download-able goodies including ringtones, wallpapers and colorful themes for your mobile

Search & download bollywood music ringtones at Guruji

For starters, Guruji is "India specific content" search engine. Besides searching for localized content, it has been rolling out music search features. Previously, it launched orkut and Facebook music apps to listen music online. Now, it has launched music ringtone search and download

Download Official Bing Tones, ringtones for phone

Microsoft is leaving nothing to imagination and trying everything to Bing across every web user. So besides refreshing daily wallpaper photo on Bing decision search, you can even get Bing on your mobile phone. bINg, biNg, binG, BING.... is what you will hear in official Microsoft Bing

Generate & download random ringtones at Wolfram

We have already seen Wolfram helping out solve complex maths integration problems. Wolfram is also doing music based on calculations resulting in cool sounding ringtones. You can togggle to listen random ringtones and download them as mini via email or get them delivered to your mobile

Listen & Download Sounds from Outer Alien World

Tired of listening to usual sounds? Well, get a sound makeover by listening to some sounds from Outer World. Yeah, you get to listen to sound of Aliens while on earth at AlienSonic. Sounds are really interesting and spooky.