How to filter RSS Feed to read only specific content

Popular blogs and websites churn out lot of content on daily basis. All the published content may not appeal to every users, for example: large blogs like Mashable, Gizmodo publish stories on various topics, gadgets, electronics. Subscribing to RSS feed of such blog can clog your feed

Feedly plugin for Google Chrome: Fun RSS reading

Feedly made quiet a buzz for being a fun magazine style RSS reader in the form of Firefox plugin. Well, this cool plugin is now available for Google Chrome users. You can neatly browse different RSS feeds content in fun and cool magazine 'Feedly' style. Feedly for Chrome is similar to

Free portable RSS Feed Reader, Editor & Creator

RSS Feed is a wonderful concept to share lot of information in least amount of time. There are number of ways to mix mash RSS feeds, read RSS feeds using online or offline RSS feed reader. SE-RssTools is a free and very simple portable RSS Reader. Just launch the program and read your

Download portable RSS Feed Reader for USB drive

RSS Feeds have becomes integral part of Techno Life for many web users. It allows you to browse loads of content in least amount of time and distraction. Now you can carry your favorite feeds in USB drive using portable RSS Feed Reader. Just launch the exe file of the application and start

Receive Brithday reminders in your RSS feed reader

RSS birthday uses power of RSS to stay updated with latest birthday dates and other events. After you create a free account, fill up the birthdays and other events information in your account. Then add your customized RSS feed to your feed reader. Related - Don’t post often? Get

Read Gmail without password in web based RSS Reader

FreeMyFeed can free up any RSS feed from the clutches of a password. Usually password protected RSS feeds are not support in number of web based RSS readers like Google Reader. This site acts as a proxy between the original feed and your feed reader, while promising your credentials to be