Record My Desktop: Screencasting on Linux

Are you looking for easy to use screencasting software for GNU / Linux? "Record My Desktop" allows you to create easy screencasts with sound on your Linux based computer. It has command line tool that helps you perform basic tasks of capturing and encoding the screen activity in the form

Record screen with audio & share on Twitter & Facebook

Web applications has made even complex of activities very easy to perform and implement. For example, creating a video by recording screen with audio involved software install along with complex configuration settings. Well, not any more - just bump into web application like ScreenJelly.

10 Ways for screen recording [screencasting]

Web has become faster and now we tend to share, view more videos like never before. With screencasting [recording screen movements] getting easy, more computer users are recording screen movement and further saving / sharing resultant videos. It is an effective way to visually represent a

Online Screen Recorder, No software needed !

We have seen concept of Screencast that allows you to download a free screen recording (or screencasting) software. You can create screencasts with this software and then upload them to their website for easy publishing and start sharing. ScreenToaster is new free web service that

Create Free ScreenCasts Offline & Share them Online

Gone are days when you had to learn using heavy loaded software like Camtasia Studio to make screencasts (Recording screen movements). We have already seen very basic and easy to use software Screen2EXE, that creates an exe file of recorded screencast. FreeScreencast is another very

Make Screencast & Save as Exe file for free with Ease

Camtasia Studio Software is considered one of the better screen-casting software around. Free downloadof its previous version was also thrown open. This software has lots of options to customize your screen-cast. However, for a newbie this can be bit confusing. For basic screen-casting,

Download Camtasia Studio Software for Free

Camtasia Studio is one of the better screencasting software. Camtasia provide complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen videos. You can easily record your screen to create compelling training videos, screencasts, and presentations. Now you can