Sort & view Outlook [Hotmail] emails by size

Live Hotmail was re-launched in the form on with all new user interface. Many users have already converted email addresses from to ID. Even though storage space is not an issue while using email service, there is always an urge to sort and

Sort folders by size on Windows

Where is all my disk space gone?, Which files & folders are taking up all the space on hard drive? - these are common questions that trouble a Windows user when no or less disk space message appears. By default, you can manually check size of each folder and compare with other folders

‘Gmail priority inbox’ for automatic email sorting

Do you receive lot of emails that drain your time while checking them in Gmail inbox? Now you can manage the incoming email overload in better manner using 'Gmail priority inbox'. It is an experimental feature that allows automatic sorting of incoming email messages, so that you see most

Resize & sort contacts ‘chat window’ in Gmail

Chat window automatically load your Gmail contacts and show online contacts on left side of Gmail inbox. If you have lot of contacts, then size of chat window in Gmail can be very big. You can customize the chat list window size and sort contacts display as per requirement. Resize the

Sort Gmail contacts by first & last name

Gmail contacts contain names. description and emails IDs of users whom you interact via email messages. With large number of contacts, managing them can be a big task. Besides merging duplicate Gmail contacts, you can sort them by first and last name for easier management. Sort contacts

Sort images by size, resolution & aspect ratio

If you have lot of images on computer, sorting and organizing them can be a big task. Do you want to automatically sort images based on image size, resolution dimensions and aspect ratio? Doing it manually can take lot of effort and time. However, you can automate this process by batch

How to sort Gmail by attachment size of emails

Gmail email service has liberal attachment and total free storage limits. While single email attachment size limit is manageable, you can always explore alternative methods to send large files by email. There is no free option to increase allocated quota of free space in your Gmail account

How to sort Gmail emails by sender

Over a period of time, lot of email messagess can accumulate in Gmail inbox. With loads of messages, need for email sorting arises. Gmail has in-built search filters and operators to sort and view email messages from specific email sender. Using specific search filters you can view all

How to Sort & Organize folders on Windows

Folders are integral part of Windows operating system with each folder containing different type of files. Due to large number of folders, managing and organizing them for sure is a big task. However, there are Windows features and additional utilities that allow quick and easy management